Who We Are

A Lending Hand for The Homeless

A Village of South Carolina works diligently every day helping our clients obtain housing, increase their income, improve their health, develop their children, and ultimately achieve independence.

We lend a helping hand to people experiencing homelessness to assist in meeting their basic needs and catering to their personal development plan. We inspire innovative solutions that truly empower, and enlighten change in social policies for greater understanding social inclusion and resources for people experiencing homelessness.

We are committed to providing quality services to our clients and treating them with respect and dignity. We base our high standards and our daily actions on five basic principles. Every decision we make, whether related to client matters or operational matters, is tested and measured against those values.

  • Client-Centered - We create collaborative relationships with our clients

  • Learning Organization - We foster education, innovation, and discovery

  • Integrity - We do the right thing and make the right choice

  • Trust - We are credible, competent, and keep our commitments

  • Authentic Communication - We respectfully exchange ideas, information, and perspectives